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Sup. Ch. Ambercott Pageboy
b. 1992

[ Retired ]

Sire:     Baledon Jacob
Dam:    Twyford Perry
                           by Twyford Gamecock




Cromagtir Dylan

Ambercott Pageboy
Tolly Delina










Cromagtir Dylan

photo by Tiv







Cromagtir Culann [2005] sire Ambercott Pageboy dam Sarum Columbine

Cromagtir Culann [now owned by Jo Baker & family]

photo by Jo Baker
















Bengad White Kerria [1984-2004] 

sire Bengad Cola Nut dam Bengad Welsh Poppy & 

 Cromagtir White Kirin sire Ambercott Pageboy







Cromagtir White Kirin

photo by Janneke de Rade









Cromagtir White Kirin [Now owned by Leonie Marshall]















Cromagtir Pan The Piper [now owned by Wendy Rose]       






photo by Wendy Rose


Cromagtir Danae [1999]

sire Ambercott Pageboy 

dam Tolly  Delina













Lacy Poppet [1990-2002] Gredington Andreas x Criban Piccolo 

Cromagtir Pan The Piper[1999] sire Lacy Targed



















Ambercott Pageboy; 

Cromagtir Pan The Piper; Cromagtir Dylan;

 Cromagtir White Kelpie[1998] sire Dukeshill Actionman dam Bengad White Kerria                       


Cromagtir Daman[2008] sire Flydon Hiwmor dam Cromagtir Don

Ambercott Pageboy

Cromagtir Gawain[2008] sire Ambercott Pageboy dam Starloch Diva















Freckles - 24 04 2000 - 12 07 2010

              Abby - house cat & lethal huntress                                         

[Link to]


Polly - couch potato              

Tom - stable cat who keeps an eye on the hay


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