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3rd September

Strathaven Agricultural Show

Pefren is 1st in the M&M In-Hand class and Overall Champion, beating all the ridden entries!!!

14th August

Scottish All Welsh Show

Don 4th in barren mare class

Devaki 5th in yearling class

Lafant 2nd in brood mare class & last but not least

Leda 1st in foal class. Youngest foal there too. 

7th August

Welsh International Show

Devi 3rd in another huge barren mare class. Made the drive down to watch worthwhile. Thank you Lottie, Jill & Ashley

6th August

Dumfries Show

Don 2nd in A/B barren mare class

Devaki 3rd in A/B yearling class

20th July

Royal Welsh show

Daman [ Flydon Hiwmor x Cromagtir Don] 3rd in 3yr old colt class. Congratulations to his owners Hazel Galbraith & David Russell. [Who managed to keep up with him!!!]

10th July

Midlands WPCA Show

Devi 1st in barren mare class. Can’t believe she’s doing so well

3rd July

Native Pony Association of Cornwall

Corwenna, owned by Jacquie & Shaun Bowman was 1st in her class. Congratulations

2nd July

Northleach Show

Devi 2nd in barren mare class

24th June

Royal Highland Show

Don 6th in a big barren mare class

Gawain 7th in 2 & over stallion class

23rd June

Flydon Lafant foaled this morning, 9am. Grey filly 3 socks & a blaze

22nd June

Cheshire County

Devi 3rd in a huge barren mare class {24}

17th June

Three Counties Show

Devi 4th in barren mare class

11th June

NPS Summer

Don 1st in 4& over mares & geldings class

Gawain 3rd in 2/3yr olds class

10th June

Royal Cornwall

Devi  1st in a big barren mare class & reserve champion.

4th June

Central & West Fife Show 

L. Madge  2nd in A/B 4 & over class

Gawain 3rd in A/B 2/3yr old class

1st June

Stafford County

Devi 3rd in open mare class[1st barren mare].

22nd May


L. Madge 1st in barren mare class & reserve adult champion

Gawain 2nd in 2/3 yr old colt class

21st May

NPS Area 11

Devi is being produced for us this year by Lottie & Jill Abrahall, Flydon Stud. Ashley Porter of the Vanoca Park Stud in Australia is staying with them & will be showing her.

This was their practice show & they won the barren mare class & were reserve section A champions. Well done all.

12th May

Native Pony Association of Cornwall

Corwenna 2nd in her class. Well done Jacquie & Shaun

16th April

NPS Spring Festival

Culann, owned by Johannah Baker & ridden by Bethan, won his class. Congratulations all

Culann was also 2nd at the Ponies Uk South Show

13th April

NPS Area 24

Danu, owned by L. Hitie was 3rd in her class. Well done

9th April

SWPCA Spring

L. Madge 3rd in barren mare class

Gawain 2nd in 2/3yr old colt class

2nd April

NPS Spring

Lacy Madge 1st in 4 & over small M&M class

Gawain 4th in 2/3 yr small M&M class



6th November

SWPCA Winter Show

Gawain 2nd in 2/3yr section A class

30th October

Lanark Foal Show

Gawain 2nd in 2/3yr old M&M class

Gwydion 1st in M&M large breeds foal class.  Reserve champion M&M. Reserve champion foal

27th August

Blair/Nps Finals

Gawain is 2nd in the 1,2 & 3yr old M&M small breeds class

15th August

Scottish All Welsh Show

Devi is 2nd in the A brood mare class & Devaki also 2nd in the foal class

Gawain is 6th in the 2yr old & over stallion & colt class.

Danu is 2nd in the 2/3yr old class

7th August

Dumfries Show

Gawain is 1st in Welsh A&B 2 & over colt & stallion class

Devi is 1st in Welsh A&B brood mare class & her foal, Devaki, is 1st in the foal class

Devi is then champion Welsh & M&M  

24th July

Biggar Show

Gawain is 2nd in a mixed M&M 1,2 & 3yr old class

Danu is 5th in same class 

23rd July

2 new arrivals today. Mum & daughter Pointers. Both black & white. Mum, Bloo, is nearly 3yrs & daughter, Solo, is 8 mths. They are Freckles' grandaughter & great grandaughter. Many thanks to Wendy Gordon [Hawkfield Pointers] for putting us in touch with Steve Williams [Tythe & Ridanflight Pointers] & very many thanks to Steve for letting us have this very special pair. 

12th July

Not a good day, Had to have Freckles put to sleep, after finding she had inoperable lumps on her spleen & liver.

3rd July

Devi foaled early this morning, a dark grey filly. Sire Flydon Hapus ap Henri

Doune & Dunblane Show

Danu is 4th in mixed small M&M class

Gawain is 1st in same class, then best Welsh A & B, then M&M Champion

12th June

NPS Scotland Summer Show

Danu is 2nd in 2/3yr old class

Flydon Lafant is 2nd in mare & gelding class, then reserve section A champion.

Under a different judge she is then reserve overall M&M champion beating the A champion  

1st June

Starloch Diva had a colt foal at 9.45pm. Sire Synod Robinson. First C for us

15th May Stonehouse Show

Flydon Lafant is 3rd in a mixed M&M class

8th May Ayr County Show

Dylan is champion mini M & M

Well done all

24th April Dundonald Show

Dylan is champion pony

Well done to Team Thomson

18th April Tring & District Show

Culann is 1st in M&M lead rein & reserve champion

Well done to Jo Baker & Family

18th April Scottish WPCA Show

Danu is 1st in Section A 2/3yr filly & gelding

Don is 2nd in Section A 4 & over mare & gelding

3rd April NPS Spring Show

Dylan is Champion mini ridden

Congratulations to the Thomson family & Georgia

Don is 1st in 4 & over small M & M

Danu is 2nd in 2/3yr small M & M

    Looking forward to another successful year.


8th November SWPCA Winter Show

Daman is 1st in section A yearlings & yearling Champion

Danu is 2nd in section A 2/3yrs

31st October Lanark Foal Show

Danu is 1st in 2/3yr mixed M&M

Daman is 3rd in yearling mixed M&M

9th August;Avon & Borders WPCA show

Devi wins the 2/3yr old class & the Youngstock championship

Taken there by Lottie & Jill Abrahall & shown well by Ashley Porter[ fromAustralia]. 

Many thanks to them.  

9th August: Scottish All Welsh:

Danae is second in the 4&over barren mare class

Danu is second in the 2/3yr old class 

1st August: Dumfries Agricultural show:

Danu is second in the Welsh A&B 2&3yo class.

Don wins the 4&over barren mare class and is Reserve M&M champion. 

18th July: Cromagtir Conn is Reserve M&M Champion at Biggar Agricultural show.

5th July: Well done to Cromagtir Culann for winning the lead rein and reserve overall ridden champion. Judge said he’s a very well mannered pony and nicely put together.

2nd July: Cromagtir Don and Cromagtir Danu are both second in their classes at Doune and Dunblane Agricultural show.

26th June: The Royal Highland Show - an Even Greater day!

Danae is third in the barren mare class.

Devi wins the 2 & 3yro class and takes the Section A championship and is Reserve Overall Mountain & Moorland Champion.

Big celebrations were had by all !!!

Cromagtir Devi
b. 2006

Flydon Hiwmor
Tolly Delina
by Ryall Seneddwr



21st June: Tring and District show: Cromagtir Culann won the mm lead rein
class and also took the overall ridden championship at the end of the day. Comment from the judge was that he was a fabulous pony with a great future!
Congratulations to Jo Baker & family

13th June: NPS Scotland - a Great day

Devi is Youngstock Champion and Reserve Section A 

Don is Section A Champion and Reserve Home Bred Champion

 4-6 June.  J & S Bowman's Cromagtir Corwenna was 1st in the barren mare class at the Royal Cornwall show. Congratulations to Jackie & Sean.

11th April: A slow-ish start to the year with placings at the NPS Spring show and SWPCA.

Cromagtir Don
b. 2002

Ambercott Pageboy
Tolly Delina
by Ryall Seneddwr


Champion Section A, 

Scottish & Northern summer show 2007.

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